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Confessions of a Sleepless Mortal Mind.

In all the velvet blackness
Of the Eternal Night
I see You dance
To the howl of the winds.
Swirling in the Dark
swaying through the Night
Booming through the emptiness
Comes the Rhythm of Your Dance.

Flaming locks of Hair
Spread the Thunder everywhere
Every lithe move of the brow
Holds Time in Silent Awe
The Skies lie shaken
Seas freeze in naked rage-
Yet again to be witnessed
Occurs the Dance Unscathed and Prime.

The rustic smile holds
In those Eyes that mirror time
Past and Future melt
In the warm Glow of the Moment Now
The mortal eyes close
Unraveling the Eye Divine
And as I drink in the Dance of Might
The Eternal Secret seizes me.

Lost in Time and Senses
I stand Captive in Your Eyes
Not knowing of it quite,
I see me dancing by Your side.
And I see You becoming I.
And I dance the Dance Divine.
Then strikes the Karmic moment
I lose it all in vain, my mortal mode prevails
And We are You and I again.

Wheezing through the Stillness
Seeps the elusive Sense of "I"
Unfolds the Fantasy Blind
To veil the Dance Divin…