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The Son of a Charioteer.

Karna , found  by and brought up as the son of Adhiratha, the charioteer, might have led a happier and longer life, long enough to see his grandchildren grow up, had he chosen to toe the line of his foster- father. To be simply trained in the art of becoming an expert charioteer would have made things easy. However, the innate fire of ambition that had burned within with a timeless splendour, did not allow him to remain ordinary. This illustrious son born of the union of the Sun God and the Princess Kunti had not an inkling of his true parentage or his original identity, but never did that tame him. He felt special; he sensed his uniqueness. For ambition does not rise out of identities, but is inborn and indestructible.
He trains in on the martial arts under the legendary Parashurama himself and confronts none less than Arjuna, on the day of the grand tournament that marked the graduation ceremony of the princes of the Kuru clan. However, being unfairly slighted in public, on account…