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Move aside, please.

It was prickly hot when I walked down to the grocer's for onions and other miscellanies on a typical Summers-at-Chennai afternoon last week. The busy shopkeeper, among other things had noticed me and even before he'd uttered a word, I knew what he was to talk about. Except that his question was framed way different from what I'd braced up for.
"What, it isn't still winter there in Shillong, or is it?" That, could have been an innocent question,  or so I thought until I saw that nasty, taunting grin spreading across his face.

My foot!

Well, this is the scenario:
I've been camping at my parents' in Chennai,  for the past 6 months and the incessant million dollar question almost everybody darts across is, "but why?"
All of this is basically due to the fact that my husband lives out there in Shillong and I stay here.

My reasons for staying here? Here we go:
1. Its winter up there (Shillong) and I wish to keep my daughter cosy - she's 17 mon…